Buy Generic Lantus


Lantus is a prescription medication designed for the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Individuals with diabetes either cannot produce enough insulin or cannot properly use it, resulting in high blood sugar concentration and abnormal energy levels. Lantus treats these symptoms for 18 to 26 hours per dose, making it an ideal medication for preventing severe nocturnal hypoglycemia. Many people depend on Lantus for relief from their diabetes, but the drug must taken every day, making it expensive for some patients. In order to cut costs, many individuals have looked for ways to buy generic Lantus. However, such a product is currently unavailable in the United States.

What is Generic Lantus?

Generic Lantus is also known as insulin glargine. Classified as an insulin-analog, insulin glargine essentially emulates the effects of natural insulin. This provides the added benefit of long-lasting effects with a peakless blood sugar level profile. Some patients may need to take a fast acting insulin analog in addition to insulin glargine, such as those with late stage latent autoimmune diabetes.

Why is Generic Lantus Unavailable?

The primary reason why generic Lantus is not currently available for purchase has to do with several patents on the original product, held by its manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis. While one of these patents expired in 2010, several more are still active, making it impossible to produce, sell or buy generic Lantus in the United States. Even if these patents had already expired, current FDA regulations would likely discourage any attempts to create a generic version. To understand exactly why this is so, it is necessary to explain why generic drugs are generally cheaper than their name brand counterparts.
When a prescription drug is initially developed, it must successfully pass several expensive clinical trials in order to meet the FDA’s guidelines for approval. Once that drug’s patent expires, other companies are free to produce a generic version. However, because the drug has had time to establish its efficacy, these companies are not typically required to complete as much testing, lowering their development costs and allowing them to market their generic product for cheaper. However, this would not be the case with generic Lantus. The FDA currently implements extra requirements for companies wishing to make generic versions of biologics, a class of which Lantus is a member. Biologics are produced by biological means, making them harder to test than other synthetic drugs. This extra expense lowers the potential profitability of producing a generic form of Lantus. As such, it is likely such a drug will continue to be unavailable until the FDA changes its rules regarding the approval of generic biologics.