Buy Cheap Lantus


Lantus is a prescription insulin analog used to control blood sugar levels in individuals suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A diabetic body either cannot produce insulin or does not have the capability to properly convert sugar into usable energy. Lantus acts as a synthetic replacement to insulin, allowing for more normal energy creation and management. Lantus even has a few inherent advantages over natural insulin, providing effects for 18 to 26 hours. This long-acting nature makes Lantus effective at preventing severe nocturnal hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood sugar levels become dangerously low overnight. Lantus must be taken every day in order to be effective, making the drug expensive for many patients. As such, knowing where to buy cheap Lantus can often result in significant savings.

Finding the Cheapest Lantus

With many prescription drugs, most patients’ first course of action when looking for a discount is to buy a generic version. Generic drugs are generally cheaper than their name brand counterparts, as the companies that produce them incur fewer expenses in testing. Presumably, this is because the name brand product has already proven its effectiveness. Because the generic drug is cheaper for the company to make, it is able to lower its price to draw customers away from its name brand competition.

Due to FDA regulations regarding medication created from biological processes, generic Lantus is indefinitely unavailable. If these regulations change, a generic form of Lantus would likely appear for much cheaper than the name brand product available now, but it is unclear when and if this will ever occur. Until then, patients must look for other ways to buy cheap Lantus

Buy Cheap Lantus Online

Online pharmacies are typically the cheapest source of Lantus available, offering it alongside hundreds of other drugs, each usually well below market value. There are various factors that allow these online pharmacies to afford selling their products at such a low price, but the largest is usually their location. A large number of online pharmacies are based in Canada, which currently implements price control measures on prescription drugs in order to ensure affordability. As such, American customers seek out these websites in order to take advantage of the lower drug prices that would otherwise only be available to residents of Canada. Patients should check the legality of ordering Lantus from Canada in their state before purchasing, and should never buy cheap Lantus from a source that does not ask for a prescription.